Capital and the Environment

Capital Packaging & Design is committed to sustaining an optimal environment through creative and eco friendly packaging. Both in-house and at our partnering factories across the country (and abroad), we make sure that our actions and intentions are in the best interest of our collective futures. Not only do we regulate the power consumed daily at Capital, but we are also fortunate enough to work with some of the most progressive and conscientious factories in the world. Both Capital and our factories work tirelessly everyday to keep paper and plastic out of landfills.

Our core manufacturing facilities are trend-setters in environmental policy. Almost every bit of waste created each day is used somehow/someway to factor into future production – whether it is to power the mills, run the production machines, or provide resin pellets for new plastic bags.

We offer a bevy of reusable and recyclable products – many of these products also have a percentage of post consumer waste. Here are a few highlights and popular products:

*100% Recycled Natural Kraft Paper Bags – Shoppers, Merchandise Bags, etc. (100% post consumer waste)
*Biodegradable Plastic Bags (D2W or ECM additives)
*Corn Starch Plastic Bags
*Oxodegradable Plastic Bags
*Recycled and Recyclable Jewelry Boxes, One/Two Piece Gift Boxes, Apparel Boxes, etc.
*Non Woven and Woven Polypropylene Totes
*PET Totes (made from recycled plastic bottles)
*100% Cotton Ribbon
*Hemp Totes (55% hemp, 45% cotton)
*Tissue Paper (all colors made from recycled material – post consumer % varies from color to color)
*Non Woven Polypropylene Tissue

When it comes to printing, our inks and foils are completely harmless to the environment. All inks water and soy based and
are 100% toxin free.

For all local customers, we offer a Closed Loop Recycling Program.

Check out some of our reusable and recycled bags: green products!